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In the prong collar world size matters, please choose the correct size for your dog.

Our Collars

Kimberland 2.25mm Prong Collars - Medium/Large

Designed for dogs weighing 26lbs or more

Kimberland Micro Prong Collars 1.5mm - Small

Designed for dogs weighing between 7-20lbs

Ultralite 1.5mm Micro Prong Collars - For Teacup

Designed for dogs under 6lbs.

Kimberland Fun Colorful Prong Collars

Made of the finest Stainless Steel, and comes with either colored buckle release or clasp with center plate. Select between 1.5mm (small dogs) and 2.25mm (medium dogs) Kimberland Prong Collars based on the breed, weight, and size of your dogs.

Colored Links include Canary Yellow, Hunter Orange, Fire Engine Red, Fuchsia Pink, Bubble Gum, Lilac, Seafoam Green, Royal Blue, Black, and White. 

Handcrafted in the USA. 

Size Matters, Choose the Right Size For Your Dog

In the prong collar world size matters, please choose the correct size for your dog. A Printable Tape Measure is even provided for a more accurate fitting of your prong collar.

Learn How to Fit a Prong Collar to Your Dog

From the people
From the people
Thankful for your micros- I felt like Cesar Milan last Saturday training 2 Havanese who were highly reactive on leash and had been trained only by R ++ trainers without success. They bought 2 of your Micro Prong Collars and were delighted by the results.
— @lespawtounes from South Bay / Westside LA Dog Training
From the people
Micro prong was a game changer for her. Prior to the micro prong mom had her in a nylon/ chain collar which helped but the micro prong moved her out of frozen fearful mode and clarity of leash pressure on and off.
— Pat Princiotto @bestpawforwardk9
From the people
Barkley would pull and lead on the walk. Food lures weren’t working for him because he was overly stimulated by dogs and the environment when out. He would lunge excitedly at all dogs to say hi, choking himself. After using your prong collars, he is now able to focus on the handler better. He now takes direction and rewards as he can focus. He is just one of the dogs who was not scared of the prong collars and clearly understood how it worked.
— Steph Keong @HappyTailsAsia
From the people
Mama said it’s time to start training me to walk nicely so she got me a @kimberlandcollars prong collar! We love that we can get colorful links to match with all my gear. Mama here: I know the bad stigma with prong collars but when used properly they can be a great training tool. If you are not a fan of Prong Collars please just scroll on as I am not looking to have a debate about it. I know what works for me and my dogs. Thank you!
— @yenko_the_chihuahua
From the people
My grandparents have a dog who is about 60lbs and very strong. She has arthritis in her fingers and can’t open a normal prong. I let her try the clip prong and the buckle prong and the clip was super easy for her to use and her dog does great on it!
— @leahbellek9training

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